Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Garden Riot and a Lazy Cat

 It's finally that time when the flowers go crazy!  There are a few dirt spaces in the front garden, but isn't it interesting how the blooms are heaving out of the beds?

Tim has already started hibernating.  It's a little too soon, Tim. 
 Today my knitting (a sock) matches my blouse. 
 We moved out of the little house below (too hot) and some other somebodies moved in (beetles). 
 Round #2 of California poppies!  
 Morning glories, poppies, and pansies find their way into empty space.
 I WILL remember to share seeds with someone else next spring.  Squash. Squash. Squash. 
 One of the wildflower seed bags produced a favorite - Shirley POPPIES!  Woo hoo!
 A little more rain, please.  The nasturtiums were late to the garden party. 
 Everyone loves the zinnia!  She's so proud and tall! 

All the marigolds volunteered.  

 A little Tim place marker inserted here. 

 Can any of you garden girls tell me if it's okay to cut zucchini leaves?  Seriously, they invade. 
 This is my neighbor's lovely sea lavender. 
 One green "Envy" zinnia popped up in the old Peter Rabbit garden.  

 I don't think I showed you the lemon bunting.

 Bill took the crooked door off of the Wendy house, so I am going to make a curtain door.  We still have toddler Noah left to enjoy the wee homey home.  

Thank you for viewing my August blooms.  Did you watch the eclipse (USA)?  One of my friends said that a news commentator on one of the main networks kind of got choked up when it occurred.  I think God's big doings in the solar system (the universe, too!) are pretty mind boggling to us little humans.  I aim to look a little closer, stop longer.  I must make a plan and start that nature journal soon.
God bless you.  Thanks for visiting again!